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I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve had to yesterday’s post on mental health care. It attracted a ton of attention from strangers in the Blogosphere and got the blog a bunch more followers… but you’d never know it without looking at the stats. Not a single comment has been posted.

Multiple friends told me on Facebook, in e-mail, or in person how they have been fascinated and moved by the blog posts of the past two weeks, but every time they go to post a comment, they erase it because they feel that they haven’t described their position completely, can’t fully form their thoughts on the topic, or haven’t time for more than a sentence or two.

So today’s big idea: don’t let your inherent perfectionism stand in the way of sharing your perspectives. Don’t exclude yourself from the conversation simply because you aren’t articulating your ideas perfectly. I literally wrote yesterday’s post while my son was running in sprinklers at a park. I just listed observations. I left out a lot of details and didn’t create an argument for my perspective. I didn’t even offer a vision of what integrated mental and physical healthcare would look like (although I may do that in a later post). I put some ideas out there, and they seem to be resonating with others.

I throw down the gauntlet: SPEAK UP!! I purposely titled this blog “OUR BIG and little IDEAS.” Fill out the “About” page’s contact form if you have an idea to put out there for others to consider. Comment to the blog. I want to hear from you!